#vkidsdoittoo – Make Way For Cuteness

August 31st, 2014 - posted under: Furthermore » Inspiration

veganandahalf: Pure joy. ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Monday! To my American readers, happy holiday! And to the rest of the world, hello, and have I got a way to kickstart your work week right!

#vkidsdoittoo is a “hashtag campaign” I started last month, as a way to show the world that vegan families get to do all the same fun, fantastic, and yummy stuff as non-vegan families. Because vegan kids are normal kids!

But what’s neat is how it’s become something else as well – a place for vegan families to connect with one another, to find solidarity and comfort, and for vegan kids (wo might not know any other vegan kids in real life) to find community. As Instagrammer sholkogan said, “the best part is showing my kids this feed! i hear lots of “just like me!” and “just like us!”"

And that just makes me so happy. So please, keep participating, keep sharing, tag your friends and invite them to join, tweet about it, get the word out, and let’s keep this thing going and growing!

A few choice pics from the past few weeks:

laurenginger: audriana got her first official ice cream cone! vegan soft serve made with coconut milk and vegan sprinkles on an organic cone!

livinlavegan: my little monster wearing his badges “just like russell” (movie up). badges: #seashepherd conseation society, #peta #banhorsedrawncarriages, and #ladivadietitian ;) #vegan #vkidsdoittoo #vegankids #vegansofig #changetheworldforanimals

sholkogan: Tea party! #vkidsdoittoo

bearandcub: lunch at whole foods before grocery shopping. she had chickpeas, bbq seitan, curried cauliflower and couscous, cornbread and pineapple. she mostly ate the chickpeas and pineapple. nina ♥s beans. #vkidsdoittoo

frieddandelions: i let him get his ranch sauce all by himself, to which he responded “now i don’t need a mommy anymore.” @nativefoodscafe #threeyearsold #allgrownup #vegan

jescapesca: the girls loves the waffle cafe too ♥ #vegankids #vkidsdoittoo #veganchildren #waffles #veganwaffles #vohvelikahvila #wafflecafe #tampere #vegan #whatveganseat #kids #daughters #love

fosterwilson: green popsicles + emma = my green monster. #popsiclelover #spinach #kale #vegan #vegankids #vkidsdoittoo

bluespoonpeople: vegan birthday cake! #vkidsdoittoo

tamp_tamp: enjoying some #vegan salted caramel pecan ice cream! #vegankrakenbaby

lgillis03: #vkidsdoittoo dinner is served! what kiddo loves some mac and cheese with hotdogs in it? this little vegan toddler sure does…first time eating it. success!


A super-huge THANK YOU to everybody who’s been sharing, and to everyone who’s helped spread the word so far. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to scroll through all the pics and see all your amazing, adorable, thriving vegan children.

So, thank you thank you, and please keep ‘em coming!

♥ ♥ ♥

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